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Transmission and generation auctions, public hearings and consultations and an infinity of actions of the Brazilian Electricity Regulatory Agency arouse enormous interest in society. In order to meet this need, ANEEL distributes texts with information about the Agency in communication vehicles of the whole country.  It also sends texts to people with specific interests in the electric-power sector who register in the ANEEL website.

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01/24/2014 - CHESF is authorized to perform transmission reinforcements at the substation of Igaporã III

01/23/2014 - Face meeting of the hearing on financial settlement is suspended

01/22/2014 - ANEEL will discuss Ampla Tariff Review in Niterói

01/22/2014 - Information about UHE Três Irmãos may already be requested in the Agency

01/21/2014 - Agency authorizes self-producer of energy in São Paulo

01/21/2014 - ANEEL will discuss Ampla Tariff Review in Niterói

01/21/2014 - The resolution will define criteria for the conduct adjustment of energy companies

01/14/2014 - Reive Barros dos Santos takes over as Director of ANEEL today (01/14)

01/06/2014 - Hydroelectric plants generate R$ 2.1 billion in financial compensation in 2013

12/26/2013 - New rate of transfer of energy from Itaipu is approved for 2014

12/26/2013 - Consumer?s profile

12/26/2013 - White tariff category will offer different tariff rates depending on the consumption time

12/24/2013 - ANEEL sets the deadline for the rural universalization, per municipality

12/23/2013 - Hearing discusses standardization of booking auctions penalty

12/23/2013 - Hearing on procedures for the award of photovoltaic plants is open

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