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ANEEL approves Proinfa funding value for 2014

The total value of quotas to fund the Program of Incentive to Alternative Electric Energy Sources (Proinfa), in 2014, will be R$ 2.8 billion. The amount of electric energy to be generated by all 131 plants that will participate in the program next year (60 small hydroelectric power plants, 52 wind power plants and 19 biomass-powered thermoelectric power plants) may reach 11.1 million megawatts-hour (MWh). These values were announced in a meeting of the board of ANEEL on Dec. 10.

Created by Law 10.438/2002, Proinfa has the purpose to increase the participation of renewable alternative sources (small hydroelectric power plants, wind power plants and biomass-powered thermoelectric power plants) in electric energy production, favoring projects not linked with generation, transmission or distribution concessionaires.

The calculation of quotas is based on the Annual Plan of Proinfa (PAP), elaborated by Eletrobras and submitted to ANEEL. The board’s decision also determines that the 2014 PAP should be published at

The cost of this program, whose energy is acquired by Eletrobras, is paid by all end consumers (free and captive) of the National Interconnected System (SIN), except those classified as low-income consumers.

Proinfa funding value is divided into monthly quotas, collected by distribution companies, transmission companies and cooperatives and transferred to Eletrobrás. From the total value to fund the program, R$ 2.5 billion will be collected by the distribution companies, R$ 228 million by the transmission companies and R$ 15 million by the cooperatives. The calculation of quotes was based on the market observed in SIN, from Sept. 2012 to August 2013.
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