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New rate of transfer of energy from Itaipu is approved for 2014

The board of the National Electricity Agency (ANEEL) approved on 12/19 at a special public meeting the new value of the rate of transfer of energy generated by the Itaipu plant at US$ 26.05 per kilowatt (kW) month. The value represents a variation of -0.11% relative to the prevailing rate in 2013, which stood at US$ 26.08 per kilowatt /month.

The new tariff will come into force on January 1st, 2014 and will be valid until December 31st of that year. The rate of transfer is the amount to be paid by shareholder distributors, to acquire energy from the hydropower, which is marketed by Eletrobras. Shareholders are 30 distributors located in the South, Southeast and Midwest regions.

Consumer’s profile
It is important that the consumer, before opting for the White rate, know his/her consumer profile and the relationship between the White rate and the Conventional rate. The more consumers shift their consumption to off-peak periods and the greater the difference between these two rates is, the greater the benefits of White Rate are.
The White rate is not recommended if consumption is greater during peak and intermediate periods, and there is no possibility of transferring the use of this power for the off-peak period.
To join the White rate, consumers need to formalize their choice with the distributor. Whoever does not opt for the White rate, will not have changes on their power bill.

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