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Distributors will have to submit the plan of operation and maintenance for the World Cup
The National Electricity Agency (ANEEL), on 6/12, through Dispacth No. 4.161/2013 of the Superintendence of Electricity Services Oversight (PES) determined to the distribution companies of capital headquarters of the World Cup games that they present specific plans of operation and maintenance to ensure the quality of electricity supply during the events.
The related concessionaires should identify priority distribution systems that will be considered in detail the plans and criteria for prioritization. The plans should also contain the timeframe with preventive and corrective maintenance, which should occur no later than one month before the start of the World Cup. The distributors should develop and implement specific plans, which are not to harm the normal activities or the implementation of its periodic maintenance plan. 
The fulfillment of the plans should be monthly accompanied by the distribution companies. There will also be specific surveillance by ANEEL, in the cities where the games will be held, in the onset of 2014.
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