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Hydroelectric plants generate R$ 2.1 billion in financial compensation in 2013
In 2013, the collection of financial compensation for the use of water resources (CFURH) for generating electricity to municipalities, states and Union, including royalties (financial compensation payable by the Itaipu plant), was R $ 2.1 billion. Out of this total, R$ 1.5 billion as of CFURH and R $ 553.7 million were distributed in royalties.
In December, the amount of compensations reached R $ 186.8 million. The resources were distributed this month to 702 municipalities in 22 states and to the Union, of which R$ 135.9 million as a compensation for the use of water resources. The transfer of royalties was R$ 50.9 million to 346 municipalities in six states and to the Union.
Values ​​were collected from 100 paying companies, responsible for 182 hydroelectric plants and 192 reservoirs. The data appear in the storage report available in the Agency's website.
Municipalities receive 45% of the collection, while another 45% goes to the states. The money can be invested in health, education and safety programs, but cannot be neither used to draw down debts, unless the creditor is the Union, nor for the payment of staff.
The Union receives the remaining 10%, which are distributed to the National Water Agency (ANA), the National Fund for Scientific and Technological Development (FNDCT) and to the Ministries of Environment, Water Resources and Legal Amazon (MMA) and Mining and Energy (MME).
The collection and the distribution of compensation and royalties are up to the National Electricity Agency (ANEEL). The result may be accompanied by the publication of reports in the Agency's website at, in Technical Info, Financial Compensation,Reports. At this address, you can also understand more about the subject.
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