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 English x Portuguese
The updating of the information published in English in this site may be somewhat delayed in relation to that of the site in Portuguese.
Most texts that still appear in Portuguese will be translated into English in the near future. However, depending on the Agency´s own judgement some of these texts may remain untranslated.
Whenever a conflict appears between the meanings of information presented in these two languages, the meaning conveyed by the text written in the country’s official language (Portuguese) shall prevail.

  Navigation Menu – Switch
A small switch on the left side of the page was adopted to allow the client to turn it “on” or “off’, thus improving visualization and navigation. One click on the switch will allow the client to be accompanied or not by the menu during his navigation through the Agency’s web portal.

  Navigation Menu – access problems

Whenever PDA terminals and equipment with a resolution that is limited to 600x480 are used, difficulties accessing the last items of the menu may occur. In this case, for the Internet Explorer, Opera Browser or Netscape Navigator browsers, choose the option "Full Screen" (F11). In this format the navigation menu functions adequately in spite of there being a small roll in the horizontal and vertical bars.


 Pop-Up Window and Cookies

The pop-up window (a small window that opens together with the main page) is an important mechanism for the majority of Internet portals and websites. Many internauts do not appreciate this type of mechanism, leading ANEEL to introduce the option “Do not display this warning any more". By clicking this option the Internet client no longer receives the clicked pop-up. In order for this option to work the browser must be configured to accept cookies. Only the clicked pop-up will disappear, other pop-ups may still appear with other information considered relevant by the Agency.

This portal is better viewed with a 800x600 pixels resolution using  Internet Explorer above Version 3, Mcafee Browser, Opera Browser Version 6 or superior or Netscape Version 6 or superior.

  PDF Files

In order to foster the standardization, easy access and security of the documents made available through the Internet, the Brazilian Electricity Regulatory Agency (ANEEL) chose the tool Adobe Acrobat Reader to convert most of its content. For further information on the functions and advantages of this tool as well as to download it, access the links below.

- PDF Tutorial
- Acrobat Reader Download


  Printing Instructions

The ANEEL portal is divided into two frames: the first one composes its logo and the second one composes the lateral menu (switch) as well as the texts, tables and the rest of the content. In order to make your work easier we created the “Print” icon at the right side of each page. Due to technical reasons some pages do not have this resource yet. We therefore suggest you use the Print Preview tool to make sure that the desired frame has been selected.

In order to print the content of the "Attachments", click the “Print” button or the corresponding icon in the tool bar.

Another printing problem that sometimes occurs is a cut at the right hand side of the paper. The solution is to program your computer’s printing margins, reducing the left and right margins until the problem disappears.


  About the Web Portal

On 30 June 2001 ANEEL made available a new portal that uses HTML, Flash, Cold Fusion, ASP technologies among other state-of-the-art products. The Portal functions under the network servers Intel®, Microsoft Windows 2000®, Microsoft IIS, Microsoft Windows SQL and Cold Fusion Server Enterprise, as well as other supporting tools. The portal is updated and modernized on a daily basis.

If you have any suggestions concerning electric power or complaints about your concessionaire, please use the Ombudsman’s form found at – Contact ANEEL. This will allow for a speedy response, particularly if all the fields have been correctly filled in. By filling in the form you will also have the advantage of receiving a protocol number that will allow you to follow-up on your complaint or suggestion through the internet.


In order to use the information in this portal see the Privacy Policy.

If you have any complaints or suggestions regarding the navigation and functionality of this site please send us an e-mail at . WARNING: We will not be able to answer technical questions or complaints about electric power through this e-mail address. Thank you for your understanding.


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