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The conditions listed below regulate the use of the “” domain that the Brazilian Electricity Regulatory Agency makes freely available to its users.

General Access Conditions

The ANEEL web portal is generally free in nature. However, the use of certain services is only possible by means of inscription or registration of the user, and in some cases through the payment of the associated costs or of the costs foreseen by law.

Whenever a user accesses the portal he will be automatically adhering to and expressly agreeing with all the conditions laid out herein.

ANEEL may refuse access to the Portal to any user who does not comply with the dispositions of this Privacy Policy.

Non-compliance with this Policy will furthermore result in the application of the penalties foreseen in the legislation in force.

Intellectual Property Rights

The use of the services and/or contents made available obeys to accessibility criteria. The partial or total reproduction of the content in this portal without lucrative purposes is authorized. Upon using the information contained in this portal the source must always be cited in a clear and visible manner including the date and time of extraction. The ANEEL logo is the property of the Brazilian Electricity Regulatory Agency and is registered with the competent organizations and their use without explicit authorization is forbidden.

Responsibilities of the user

Upon using this Portal the user agrees to be subject to the laws in force whenever he:

  • Harms the rights and interests of third parties;
  • Partly or totally renders useless, modifies or hinders the access to any area of the portal;
  • Tries to violate the technical means used to protect the contents of this portal.

Wherever there is an exchange of information the user agrees to be subject to the laws in force whenever spreading, making available or transmitting contents that:

  • Poses a threat to someone’s physical, moral or psychological integrity;
  • Goes against that disposed in the Brazilian Federal Constitution and the International Conventions in what fundamental rights are concerned;
  • Promotes acts that contain slander, defamation and injury.
  • Induce any type of discrimination, whether sexual, ethnic, religious, social or connected to age;
  • Spread illegal, violent, immoral, pornographic or degrading services;
  • Create anxiety, anguish, despair, fear, depression;
  • Induce error regarding the true nature of the users will, using false, imprecise or confuse information;
  • Is protected by intellectual property and rights;
  • Has any type of electronic virus or malicious agents that harm the full functioning of the portal or environments of third parties.

Whenever ANEEL requests the registration of a user he / she will commit to providing true personal information and to keeping it up to date. If ANEEL identifies any information as being false, it may choose to:

  • Cancel the user’s access; and/or
  • Open an administrative suit; and/or
  • Communicate the fact to other federal security organizations.



All personal information registered in the Portal shall be kept secret in the ANEEL databases.

Only authorized personnel shall have access to this information.

ANEEL only uses the personal data of the user by force of law whenever it is constrained to supply personal information to the competent authorities;

Availability of services

ANEEL does not hold itself responsible for any damage that may incur to third parties due to problems in the transmission, diffusion or availability of the content and / or services of the portal.

Contents of the Portal

ANEEL can modify or extinguish any service and / or content of the portal at any time, without due warning to users.

ANEEL does not hold itself responsible for eventual mistakes, errors or omissions in the materials contained in the portal or in those made available in the links of other portals or sites, or for any other damages that may result from the information presented.

Use of the ANEEL Portal links by third parties

The insertion of the ANEEL portal link in other portals or sites is authorized as long as the following conditions are observed:

  •  ANEEL does not hold itself responsible for any changes that take place in the links of its portal;
  •  No domain is allowed to use as its home page the direct access to ANEEL portal’s homepage.

Links to other Portals

Whenever ANEEL presents access to links in its portal it does not hold itself responsible for any privacy policies or contents presented therein.

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