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This space is devoted to the services offered by ANEEL's site. The page seeks to congregate in a single place, all of the main services available throughout the Agency’s site. With a view to facilitating the search for the matter of interest, there follows a list of the various services provided by ANEEL:

Track your request
By supplying the number of your request you can follow up its progress in the Ombudsman Service.

This area is devoted to the following up of administrative proceedings being processed by the ANEEL.
Request to send proceedings in CD media by mail.

 Minutes of the Board of Director’s Meetings
In keeping with the principle of transparency, the Agency seeks to give wide publicity to all of its actions in a way that enables society to be aware of its decisions. Confirming this commitment to transparency, ANEEL, by means of its Internet page, or by notices displayed in the Agency’s installations, puts at the disposal of the public copies of the minutes of all unscheduled (extraordinary) meetings of the Board of Directors.

Public Hearings
A Public Hearing is an instrument of support  for the decision-making process of ANEEL, which seeks to endow its actions with total transparency. Public Hearings are organized whenever there is an issue involving changes or adjustments to the Agency’s legislation with a direct impact on the interests of society and on those of the regulated entities of the electrical sector.

Generation Knowledge Base
ANEEL has created a Generation Knowledge Base (BIG) to make known “on-line” a set of data that the Agency brings together on the Brazilian generation park.

Virtual Library
At present there is a collection of around 78,667 documents in this database comprising analyses, magazine articles, acts of legislation, books and special materials (CDs, Videos and Maps) as well as services and products ( Glossary, Basic legislation and ANEEL Publications ).

This tool permits searching texts in ANEEL’s site. The searches are separated into the Categories: Subject, Legislation and News.

People interested in receiving by e-mail the Energy Newsletter or information on legislation, news items, competitive biddings, or who wish to participate in the “Open Discussion Forum” (ANEEL and society) should fill in the form and select the themes they are interested in.

Registered Clients
For clients who are already registered with the Site but who wish to update / modify / delete their registration or who have forgotten their password.

 Register of Regulated Entities
Allows for researching information on regulated entities (Company, Activities, Address, Telephone and Directors).

 Electric-Power Consumers Councils
The councils are mechanisms available to consumers to demand, by means of their elected representatives, improvements in the services provided by concessionaires and at the same time to assist ANEEL in its responsibility to ensure the provision of appropriate services as required by society at large. 

Public Consultations
ANEEL, with a view to imbuing its actions with total transparency and giving ample opportunity for society to participate in its decisions, submits to public consultation its proposals, resolutions and actions in course, in order to receive suggestions and comments.

Telemetric Data in Real Time
Daily Hydrological Monitoring of Hydroelectric Utilities supplied by the concessionaires (subject to revision).

The Brazilian Electricity Regulatory Agency (ANEEL) gives publicity to an agenda of events related to the electrical sector for the information of interested people or companies.

Contact your Concessionaire
See how to get in touch with your concessionaire.

 Contact ANEEL
The Ombudsman Service of ANEEL and the Superintendency of Administrative Mediation (SMA) receive consumers’ opinions and complaints by means of forms filled in by anyone interested and transmitted via Internet.

 Open Discussion Forum
This virtual forum for the technical integration ANEEL / society is the permanent locus where all citizens and entities can meet to freely debate ideas and matters of interest to the country’s energy sector.

 Administrative Biddings
Under this heading information is provided on ANEEL’s administrative bidding processes (already executed or still underway), in the following categories: Live Auction, Public Bidding, Price Quotations, Bid Invitation, Registered-Price Bids, Accreditation and Bidding Competition.

 Organizational Norms
Presents ANEEL's organizational norms

 Public Meetings
Displays a list of links concerning the public meetings of ANEEL's Board of Directors
( Calendar, Distribution of Proceedings, Agendas, Oral Justification and Preferential Judgement, Memoranda, Minutes and Transmission ).

ANEEL already makes use of WAP – a system technology which allows access to the Internet from a mobile phone. Mobile-phone users in any part of the country can consult data at the agency’s site ( by means of this new service.

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