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ANEEL replies:

1- What must I do to receive the Energy Newsletter ?

Ans. At the top of the Agency’s page on the Internet, click on the option ”Register” in the horizontal menu and then fill in the form. Wait a little and ANEEL will send confirmation of your registration. After that, every week you will receive not only the electronic version of the Energy Newsletter but also, optionally, the news items that the Agency has put out during the period and all the legislation or alterations to legislation that have been published during the week by the Agency.

2 – How can complaints and suggestions be made about electric-power distributing companies and about electric-power services?
Ans. At the top of the home page of ANEELS’s site on the Internet, click on the option ”Contact ANEEL” in the horizontal menu, to fill in a specific form. You will immediately be given a protocol number so that you can follow up the progress of your complaint, suggestion or request.

3 – Where is the list of all the electric-power companies to be found, on the ANEEL page?
Ans.  In the vertical menu at the left of the page, in the option “Information on the Electrical Sector –   Register of Agents", information can be obtained on all the companies in any of the States.

4 – I cannot remember my pasword, what should I do?

Ans. Choose the option “Register” in the horizontal menu at the top of the page. Type in your registered e-mail and then click on the button marked “I Forgot my Password” In this way your password will be automatically re-sent to your e-mail address.

5 – What should I do to alter my registration details (e-mail, address etc.)?

Ans. In the horizontal menu at the top of the home page of ANEEL’s site on the Internet, in the option "Register" type in your registered e-mail and access code to alter all your registration information without forgetting to confirm the details when finished. If you have forgotten your password, see item 4 above.

6 – I do not wish to continue receiving messages from ANEEL. How can I cancel ?

Ans. In order to guarantee security and privacy, the user is the only person who can alter registration information, remove data or cancel the option of receiving messages. Click on the option "Register", type in your e-mail and password and then alter your options. If you have forgotten your password, see item 4 above.

7. I am having difficulty finding more detailed information on the ANEEL page. What should I do?

Ans. In the vertical menu on the left of the home page, all the information that ANEEL makes available to the public is stored. It is important to note that on the right-hand side of each item there is an arrow indicating that more information is available on the item. Clicking on this arrow will display all the other related items. In addition to this, at the top of the page in the horizontal menu the link “SiteMap”  shows all the information contained in each item of the vertical menu.

For further information chose option “Help” at the bottom of the home page.

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