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Accessibility Policy

Since 04/09/2005 ANEEL’s Internet site was adjusted to the international accessibility principles established by WAI – Web Accessibility Initiative – and pursuant to the accessibility recommendations for the creation or adaptation of sites and portals of the Brazilian government – and the legislation in force (Decree 5296 of 12/02/2004).

The site follows all the directives and recommendations established to be certified as level 3 (AAA), thus allowing everybody to access all the information and services available in the site, regardless of their physical and perceptive abilities.

To guarantee accessibility, all pages of ANEEL’s portal were validated by the “Da Silva” program, which issued a label of conformity with the recommendations of accessibility for the creation and adaptation of the Brazilian government’s sites and portals on the Internet, as published in the site’s first page.

ANEEL introduced style sheets to guarantee the recognition of content structures. The Netscape (4.x or prior) and Internet Explorer (3.0 or prior) versions do not support completely this functionality. This feature can lead the links to be presented in a mistaken way.  If this comes to happen, please disable your navigator’s stile sheets (CSS).

Some links can send the user to external sites. ANEEL is not responsible for the accessibility of related sites.

Besides the Da Silva label, ANEEL’s site was successfully employed by the Webvox (DOSVOX) and JAWS screen readers, ensuring its navigability by users with visual disabilities.

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