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ANEEL Protocol

All documents for the National Energy Agency - ANEEL are received at Protocolo Geral, located in Brasília - DF, in SGAN 603, Térreo, Módulo I, near the reception. 

Working Hours: 8am to 6pm without interruption. 

The Protocolo is part of the General Secretariat and is divided into three basic nucleus: reception, registration and scanning. 

Reception at the desk - responsible for registering the input of all documentation received at the desk or through mail and for referral to the registration. It also carries out the initial screening, identifying the documents of a secret nature. 

Registration - responsible for examining the document, identifying the destination organizational unit - UORG according to the subject matter, insertion of the label with the protocol number at SICNet and referral to the scanning team of the Protocolo Geral. 

Scanning - responsible for scanning all incoming documents in ANEEL, except those identified as restricted. 

After receiving the documentation, by mail or at the desk, the registration, the registration in the computerized system and the scanning of the document imaging are effected, with subsequent referral to UORGs.

 Procedures for submitting documents to ANEEL

 Requests for views and/or copies of documents and process

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